Living in an Alfred Hitchcock Movie

We woke up from a very quiet night at Mayflower Park to finding ourselves in our very own Alfred Hitchcock movie called: The Birds. Hundreds of Golden Headed and Red Winged Blackbirds have descended on the grasslands surrounding the wetlands of the Colorado River in search of seeds and insects all around the RV park. Apparently they flock together and are very protective and social toward one another. I was not able to get a close up shot of any of them because they would warn each other and take flight in a blast of flapping wings and screeches and settle back down a safe distance away. This is decidedly different than a Hitchcock movie in that the birds mob you and not the other way around. Now Callie on the other hand got to observe them relatively unnoticed by sitting on the back of the couch and on top of her dashboard in the RV. It was so funny to watch her tail twitch and her ears flatten as birds hopped right below the window and right under her nose. Their call is noisy and boisterous with screeches and squeaks and bell like warbles. When they take flight there is a flash of white with the Golden Headed Blackbird and bright red with the Red Winged. The calls are deafening and they fill the air with their song. Every once in awhile you hear the Common Grackle squawk, but it is drowned out by all the blackbirds.


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