On the Road Again

We left Davis Dam RV Camp this morning and after stocking up with food and propane in Bullhead City, we took the round about scenic route through Parker to get to Mayflower RV County Park in Blythe, California. Michael has a 19′ VIP motorboat that we haven’t used since 2013 and we want to try a new area to boat in. Maybe I can teach Callie to enjoy boating on the river. Katherine’s Landing at Lake Mohave is where we have boated for 15 years and now that I am getting older, I do not want all the sun, action and party atmosphere of the lake. So, we headed out around 9 am and didn’t get to Mayflower Park until 3:30. It took quite a bit longer than we expected but it was still fun, much more beautiful and Callie is getting very comfortable traveling in the RV. She is actually enjoying short bouts of resting on the dashboard even while driving down the highway. I love it! Mayflower County Park is better than expected and practically empty. There is a private boat launch and more of a retirement RV and family park than the river.  It is a mild 89 degrees with a slight breeze and we are parked under massive eucalyptus trees. Callie gets to feel lots of grass under her feet for the first time in quite awhile. A park full of grass. You can’t beat that… it is also very quiet except for the sound of birds!

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