Purple Sand Verbena – The Last of the Desert Wildflowers

The golden yellow of the abundant Brittle Brush has faded to brown and most of the Red Ocotillo have once again lost their waxy green leaves and left just their bushy red blossom crowns, but the Purple Verbena are hanging on to the bitter end. The Anza Borrego Desert State Park is becoming dry and arid and all the seeds and pollen have been dispersed for yet another year. The super bloom has faded and the crowds have gone and left the desert quiet and filled with solitude once again. Only the strong and the hardy survive throughout the dry season and when the temperature rises, early morning and evening are the only time the wise are out and about. Michael, Callie and I will be leaving often now in the RV to escape the summer heat. Last year we survived, but only barely. It is extraordinary how the plants and animals that have adapted to the desert make it through the summer when the thermometer reads 124 degrees. That was how hot last summer peaked out at. We do not plan on staying this year. That is why we got the RV…. to escape the heat and soaring temperature. Callie sleeps more and more during the day and wants to play in the middle of the night. Getting away in the RV helps us all stay on schedule and sanity will once again be restored.

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