If Looks could Kill

Callie was diagnosed with an upper respiratory infection with the added insult of having an ear infection a little over a month ago. She would give me the most pathetic look and would start wheezing and gagging and trying to cough and catch her breath. If looks could kill, she was telling me how miserable she was. Her tiny little pink nose was congested and you could hear it in her lungs too. It was pitiful to watch her suffer; to say the least. I was so grateful for the diagnosis though when we took her to the vet and after a 7 day supply of antibiotics and decongestant, she is almost back to normal. Now you may ask how does one give meds to cats? Very carefully I might say, and it isn’t easy and usually done by syringe in liquid form. Callie was so astute concerning the timing of a dose every 12 hours, that she figured out how to hide right about the time I would get the syringe ready. Once I had her in my grasp though, I would wrap her body and front legs up tightly with a towel, then swiftly give her the medicine before she had time to rake me with her claws. The look on her face after she swallowed the decongestant was especially comical. She would do everything she could not to swallow it and one time she even frothed at the mouth in disgust. Couldn’t they flavor it a little bit? What a princess… She does have allergies now and we think a touch of asthma to boot, but to see her once again climb her beloved olive trees, is a joy to watch. The Anza Borrrego Desert State Park super bloom may well be in the past, but what lingers is a lot of pollen and dust. Allergy season for me and for her! We will be heading out soon on another road trip!

One thought on “If Looks could Kill

  1. Das Kleine Genie April 29, 2017 / 9:29 pm

    Your cat is very cute. I haven’t been close to a cat yet. My husband is allergic to cats; therefore, we can’t have one.


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