Biker Babes

Today, I introduced Callie to my new hybrid, mountain trail bike, with a basket that is placed over the front handlebars. Michael bought the bike for me so that when we camp, we will have mountain bikes to use on the trails instead of only hiking.  I use to bike with her in a backpack, but it would get too hot for her, and she couldn’t really look around very easily. The basket is perfect and we biked around the De Anza Golf Course. She is able to sit sideways, but face forward and tuck herself down into her old front loading backpack if she gets nervous. She was already use to the pack and loves going on hikes with it, so it wasn’t that big of a stretch to get her to jump in and settle down on the bike. We both had a fabulous time, and she enjoyed being in front and looking back at me occasionally, instead of the other way around. When I dropped her back at the house so that Michael and I could continue with an off road ride to Coyote Canyon, I could hear her bawling inside before we biked away.  The best way to introduce a cat to something new, is to keep it short and sweet. Get them to beg for more! She wasn’t ready to call it quits and was waiting at the door when we returned. When we head out on our road trip, we will have our mountain bikes with us, and Michael and I will take her out on trail. Callie and I will be two biker babes… Fred and Michael will make it a foursome!

Last year we used a backpack. The front loading basket is an upgrade!

3 thoughts on “Biker Babes

  1. Lara D April 15, 2017 / 7:42 pm

    I love that she sits in the basket like that! Not sure how many cats would put up with that!!

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