Morro Bay

Michael, Callie and I had a lovely drive up Hwy 1 and 101 North to Morro Bay this morning. We were able to check into the Cypress Morro Bay RV & Mobilehome Park at Main and Beach St. It is the best located park in town and we are thrilled. Morro Bay State Park and the Strand were all filled up for the weekend but we decided to just take a chance nevertheless and hope for the best. Wow, did we score big! We have clean showers and bathrooms right next door and have finally escaped the wind and sand. It has been brutal the past 4 days. We have sand in everything and the RV is filthy, but in spite of it all, we were still very happy with Jalama State Beach.

After we checked in and cleaned up, we biked over to the State Beach and to Morro Rock and spent a couple of hours biking around. We use to visit here frequently when our daughter, Lara was a young girl. It hasn’t changed all that much except now we have an awesome RV to reside in and don’t have to depend on a motel. Many years ago we became discouraged from visitng because the room rates had gone up so high.

I am settled in for the night after having biked to the Great American Food Company for clam chowder and salad with Michael. We watched the sun set behind Morro Rock and enjoyed the otters, most of them are mothers with their young, of varying ages by their sides, calmly sleeping in the harbor. This is a fairly new turn of events. They were almost all wiped out from the Russian Fur Trade and their numbers have been declining. They aren’t sure why but do know that the mothers are very stressed while raising the young and need protection and a safe place to rest. If they are out in the ocean, they have to wrap themselves up in kelp to keep the young close by and in the harbor, it is quiet and the tidal changes and ocean currents are minimalized. It was nice to see them sleeping comfortably while bobbing in the coastal waters and not afraid of humans anymore.

We may stay for at least 3 nights. We have to take Callie to the vet on Monday if she doesn’t show a complete recovery. She is still coughing and wheezing at night. Maybe it is a foreign body lodged in her throat, asthma, or the tail end of another respiratory infection. There are a few possibilities that I don’t want to consider. I will keep my readers informed.

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