Our Morning Ride Suprise!

Michael and I decided to take our chances, without a map, to figure out the bike trail that leads to Morro Strand State Beach. We ended up going the less picturesque way north, and discovered the scenic route by chance, upon our return. We made it to Morro Strand by passing under the 101 North, then following alongside the freeway and crossing back under it again, to get to the campground. I thought to myself that this isn’t what I expected. On our return route we noticed a pathway and took it all the way back along the ocean side of the freeway, and it was such a nice suprise. This bike path is the celebrated one, and it is so worth riding on. I imagine it gets quite a bit of traffic over the weekends and on holidays, but on a Monday morning, it was perfect. On the way back, I chanced upon a turkey vulture feasting on a dead seagull. Most of the sandunes are protected north of Morro Bay, and it is a delight to see all the wildlife behaving naturally and feeling safe enough from human encroachment. You can bike for miles and miles, and observe nature quietly and respectfully, without impacting them negatively. We had a beautiful morning.

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