An Update on Sweet Baby Cakes

When we first adopted Callie, it became obvious right away that her nickname would be “Baby Cakes”…. I think it was our daughter who christened her with such a charming term of affection. She is a sweet cat and lays on the charm rather than becoming bitchy if she is disciplined. She has inched her way into my bed at night; and that is a first. I have never allowed a pet to sleep with me before. The only reason I stand for it is because she creeps up ever so quietly, then bursts into a loud purr of pleasure when she can snuggle up close. Callie craves body contact. It isn’t enough to just be on the bed; she needs to snuggle right up against you too! She is just too cute to kick out of the bed. She pats you tenderly, licks you on the face and then looks deeply into your eyes with an adoring look on her face.

Callie has an upper respiratory infection and went to the vet on Monday. She is still coughing and seems to be improving; but the jury is still out. We have until Friday to decide whether we have to try something new. This has been an awful illness for her and we are hoping she will get better soon.

The nights are the most difficult for her. She is restless and coughs and wants attention and comforting. I have not been getting a good night’s sleep either. Today we should start seeing signs of improvement. The vet seemed pretty confident that she would start to feel better by the middle of the week. I will keep my readers updated on any change.

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