Farewell- Beautiful Morro Bay!

Today will be our last day in Morro Bay at the Cypress RV Park off of Main and Beach St. It is ideally located and we were able to walk and bike to most of our destinations. I give the RV Park 5 stars. It is clean and quiet and we have met some really interesting people. One couple from Oceanside, California told me that they once had a cat the spitting image of Callie and we shared cat stories. Her cat was also a stray that showed up one day and became a loving member of her family. Her husband was diagnosed with a blocked, aorta artery, almost died, had surgery, came home, and the cat didn’t leave his side until he had sufficiently recovered. She had to drag the cat away to go potty and get a bite to eat. When she would finish eating, the cat would race back to settle down by her husband’s side once again. This lasted for 2 weeks. Their hearts are still broken after the cat passed away from kidney failure 3 years ago. Our stories had a lot of similar themes and I think it made the grieving process just a little bit better for having stopped by to talk and share.

We once again biked over to Morro Strand State Beach this morning and this time we didn’t have to battle the wind. It was a beautiful day and we biked much further north this time. The wildflowers are still blooming along the coastline and the scenery and view are breathtaking. We did some more off roading and I am so appreciative of the hybrid bicycle Michael bought me recently. We are really enjoying biking on hiking trails. You get to experience a more wild side to biking than with the road bikes.

Farewell, beautiful Morro Bay. We shall return…. Our next adventure will be to Carmel and Monterey where we plan on taking our daughter after she finishes her PhD program. She will need a celebration of some sort that requires little thinking on her part. Her brain is fried and she is exhausted but will benefit from visitng nature and being taken care of by her two loving parents and our cat, Callie. Now that will be an exciting trip. Maybe our friend, Fred will join us and make it a foursome. Keeping our fingers crossed.

On another note, Callie seems to be feeling better and coughed less last night. Her desire to play has returned, and her appetite has improved. Last night we had some rough and tumble playtime again and it felt so good to see her enjoying herself without coughing so much. We will know for sure that she is on the road to recovery if she doesn’t cough tonight.

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