Home Sweet Home

It was not an easy choice to have to leave beautiful, Morro Bay. The Cypress RV Park was perfect, the weather awesome except for some wind, and we were able to off-road on our new bikes on fabulous trails. My elbows have tendinitis though, from all the bouncing around I did out on the trails. Getting older is no fun; but the alternative is worse, I suppose. We will certainly be back to the bay again some day soon, I hope!

We had a nice drive home through Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, Pasadena, Corona, Temecula and on up to Ramona, California to run some errands. Grocery shopping is a priority before you descend back down into Borrego Springs. There are no decent grocery stores in our town. The two markets that we do have are very expensive and the availability of fresh fruits and vegetables is limited.

After 9 hours of being on the road, and 10 days of RVing, unloading the RV is what you have to do when you return from a trip. Michael does most of the unloading and I put everything away. We are figuring out what to pack and not to pack, but there is still a learning curve for both of us. I think we did a super job only because we had such a fabulous time, and most of the perishable foods were used up. For breakfast, I served coffee and tea with toast, yogurt and fruit. When you are camping, there are usually BBQ pits and grills to cook on so I did not do that much cooking inside the RV. I mostly put together salads and sandwiches and Michael did the BBQ. The kitchen is small but very well designed. I have a nice microwave/convection oven, and the work space is limited but very functional. Our RV is a 24 ft Class C Icon, and it has turned out to be the perfect size and is easy to drive. We are very happy with the choice we made.

When everything was put away, we had a nice dinner together and watched Bill Maher. I am a progressive democrat with leanings toward socialism because I believe in universal healthcare for all, and a fair tax on everyone. It is my belief that a healthy middle class benefits society as a whole. It would be fabulous if our government focused on infrastructure rather than pumping up our military, and that the Affordable Care Act be fixed now and forever so that health isn’t something that insurance companies profit off of. Having said all that, Bill Maher makes me laugh and because we haven’t watched any TV for the entire 10 days we camped, I want to limit my exposure to politics at this time of my life. I am not willing to protest and march, so I had better keep my opinions moderate, and my complaints, minimal. 

Callie seems to really enjoy RVing, but because the space is so small, it is funny to watch her walk around the house when we get home and meow to herself. She is so vocal, and I can tell that she loves this house with her 2 beds that are perched up high on the TV consol in the master bedroom. She slept better last night, as did Michael and I in the king size bed versus the full size in the RV. She is still coughing but seems to be improving. The shot the vet gave her in Morro Bay is a two week course. If she doesn’t continue to improve every day, we will contact the vet for a back up plan.  But for now, home sweet home…..

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