Biking Sand or Sea

Biking in Morro Bay on the new bike trail by the sea was fabulous when we camped at Cypress RV Park, but Michael and I still rate Anza Borrego Desert State Park as the best. This morning we got up early and got a ride in before it became too hot. Temperatures are already passing 100 degrees Fahrenheit mark! You have to get your outdoor activities in before noon, or the heat becomes too oppressive and even dangerous. We have a couple more weeks before we head out again in our RV, so we are going to try to bike every morning and swim in the afternoon. I have put on some weight over the winter months and want to lean out again;  not so much for appearance sake, but because my overall health improves. Once you hit 60+, it is a slippery slope to age related illnesses.

In De Anza Desert State Park, all the visitors have abandoned the desert for the coast and the mountains, so we have the place to ourselves along with the few locals that stay during the summer. This summer we will only come back periodically to check on our house and caretaker and then off we will go again. It is just too hot to stay here year round! Last summer it peaked at 124 degrees Fahrenheit and I swear, birds were falling from the sky already pre-roasted…

But biking before it gets too hot is the best of all. You hardly ever see a car on the road, and the light and shadows on the mountains cast a unique pattern superimposed against the powder blue of the sky. The mountains all around appear pasted on a background and look incredibly surreal. It must have something to do with the dry air, because I have not seen this look anywhere else. There are still plenty of cottontail rabbits, jack rabbits, roadrunners, coyotes, quail, hummingbirds and bighorn sheep to keep you company. Today I came across 2 cactus blooming their outrages pink blossoms that must be dependent on a particular moth or migrating hummingbird to germinate it. I also find it interesting that they were both blooming at the exact same time and were not next to one another. I am reading a wonderful book called: The Hidden Life of Trees by Peter Wohlieben & Tim Flannery, and it suggests that plants do communicate with one another and have a consciousness that we have yet to fully understand. This book crossed my mind when I saw these two neglected and pathetic, water starved cactus plants flowering their hearts out in full display about 5 feet apart.

If we can get up early enough; my husband is not a morning person, we will attempt to do Coyote Canyon tomorrow morning. It is a sandy, off road trail that winds around and over 2 possible water sources at this time of year and is home to a variety of wildlife; especially the bighorn sheep. While I may miss Morro Bay, I am making the most of a situation by biking in desolate Anza Borrego Desert State Park in the early hours of the day, or after the sun sets in the evenings. There is something to be said for worrying about running into a bighorn sheep or rattlesnake; rather than a car. Callie, of course, spends most of the day, sleeping in her red basket, and assisting me with my blog. Her health is still improving and she is coughing less often, so I am hopeful she will continue to get well.

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