Hot & Bothered

Borrego Springs peaked at 104 today and Callie doesn’t like the heat. It makes her hot and bothered and she can’t play outside. Because we had so much rain this spring, there are a lot of insects outdoors and the gnats are the worst. They go for your eyes and ears and make doing anything outside, difficult and annoying. Taking walks is uncomfortable when the gnats swarm you, but you can get away with biking early in the morning, just as long as you keep your mouth closed and your sunglasses on.

So Callie had a long and boring day of moping around and she slept a lot. I had to make sure that she got some playtime in before bedtime though, so I invited her up on the bed to play and I snap her with a wand that has a pile of feathers at the end of it, and a mouse that has catnip stuffed inside. We have about 10 minutes of rough and tumble playtime and then she is ready to have an evening snack and climbs up onto the hutch where her two beds are, and will sleep for awhile. She gets up several times at night to eat small amounts of kibble, and then back up to either the Kong bed or the round one depending on her mood. Her cough is improving every day, but she still has several spells of hacking and wheezing. Her energy level is better though and she has a sparkle back in her eyes. Her desire to play has increased again and I think she is getting better from her upper respiratory infection….. YAY!

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