Bloom Where You’re Planted

It would have been my parent’s 70th wedding anniversary May 10th, and one of my mother’s favorite phrases was “bloom where you’re planted!” Having moved from the beach to the desert and into the middle of nowhere here in Borrego Springs has been a challenge for me; but today’s bike ride made it special. Last weeks rainstorm reinvigorated one more push for cactus and desert plants to bloom before the temperature starts to rise and plants die back until the next spring. I am choosing to bloom where I am planted and try to discover the beauty of where I live so that I can record what I see. Here is a compilation of some of the gorgeous flowers I was able to photograph today. It continues to amaze me how cactus choose to bloom under such dire conditions. All it takes is one small rainstorm to trigger a bloom in the most unlikely places.

Callie spent the day relaxing and is on one more series of antibiotic. If she isn’t completly cough free when we return from Utah, she may have to go on steroids. She seems much better to me though and we shall hit the road tomorrow for Mesquite, Nevada.

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