Capital Reef National Park

Capital Reef National Park is located in south-central Utah, and we are going to get up extra early and try to make a dash for it tomorrow from Mesquite, Nevada. It will all depend on if I can get Michael out the door early enough. Apparently, campsites fill up fairly fast, and I am hoping that because it is Mother’s Day tomorrow, most families will be at home spoiling their mother’s with breakfast in bed, etc. My idea of a wonderful way to spend the day now that my daughter is all grown up, is to go to Capital Reef National Park and bike and hike, and take photographs. I will keep my fingers crossed and go to bed early tonight. Now that Linda and Shaun are staying at our place in Borrego Springs, I can go to bed and not worry about those party animals keeping me up past my bedtime!:)

Callie had a restful day and then went on an hour bike ride with us when it got a little cooler in the late afternoon. It was still 86 degrees out when we biked, but there was a light breeze blowing and it felt good to be outside! Callie enjoyed herself and got a chin scratch and a belly rub for her bravery. It is still a little stressful for her when cars whiz by and I am always on the lookout for loose dogs that would try to charge the bike, but so far so good. 

Tonight while taking the trash out and getting ready for our exodus, I looked up at the CasaBlanca main building that is all lit up from above and saw hundreds of bats circling overhead in pursuit of insects. It was almost like there was a cloud of insects and the bats circled and swooped after an infinite amount of food. What an amazing scene unfurling from above and I doubt if many people even notice. I probably won’t have Internet service for awhile and thought it best to post as often as possible while I am able….

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