Attack Llamas

Capital Reef’s RV Campground is completly full, and has been especially popular since March. When we checked in for availability, we were told to come back tomorrow at 8:30. It is first come, first serve, and the lines are long and the competition, steep. We chose to drive back out of the park and have settled into Sandcreek RV park. The couple who own the place are from Carlsbad, Calif. which just happens to be our old neighborhood when we lived in Encinitas, and we hit it off instantly. We are parked alongside a herd of sheep with ewes and lambs baaaaing and bleating and guard llamas patrolling the pasture for coyotes. Having worked with horses all my life, I marched on over to the fence line and offered them a bribe of granny smith, green apples. They really are attack llamas. If you look at their unshorn feet, you will quickly realize that they could easily viscerate a coyote in no time. They have three toes like a camel and each toe has a huge talon on the end of it. One llama was cranky but the other one was actually quite sweet! I was greatly impressed never the less and respected them from a distance while they chomped down on their apples….  *

*photographs will be uploaded when I have internet service….

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