Dinosaur National Monument 

I won’t be able to post my incredibly awesome experience at Capital Reef National Park until I have Internet service, but can write about the drive over from Capital Reef to Dinosaur National Monument. 

We drove through Douglas Pass and into a blizzard before we headed back down into Colorado and then back to the Utah side for this campground. We are parked right alongside the Green River and snow is predicted any minute now. I love this RV and it is so comfortable and easy to drive around. It is 24 ft long but feels so much bigger because of the high ceiling. We are tucked in and ready for the storm and Callie is totally loving the travel lifestyle.

We have had a fabulous time so far and have done a lot of hiking and biking with Callie in her basket. It will feel good to relax for a couple of days with the ability of looking at my phone for news and texting. At Captial Reef you are on your own and in the middle of a beautiful valley that still produces wonderful fruit. We had an incredible time there and struck gold after several days of stressful travel. 

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