Time for Medicine!

If you have been following my blog, you will know that Callie is on her 3rd session of antibiotics for a hacking cough she has had since early March. It improves with the medication and then gets worse shortly after finishing up the treatment. She has gotten so astute about the 12 hour increments, that she runs and hides! I have to draw the syringe in secret and then grab her with a big towel and wrap her up very tightly in a large bath towel. She is pissed about it now and mad as hell when I pry her mouth open so that Michael can shoot the medicine down her throat. It is for her own good though and she forgives me shortly afterwards. She is also feeling much better again and we are keeping our fingers crossed that she has been healed. If not, she may have asthma or heartworm and will have to go on steroids. 

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