Exhibit at Dinosaur Monument & Green River Valley

This morning we got up and drove the RV over to the exhibit and visitor’s center at Dinosaur Monument National Park. It is one of the best displays of dinosaur bones that have ever been excavated. The official excavation was started in 1906 and continues to this day. Most of the mountain was removed and at least 350 tons of fossilized bones were shipped all over the world. What is left of the mountain, with some of the fossils still embedded in the sandstone, are now housed within the museum. The mountain use to be a stream bed and during a drought, many dinosaurs perished and were eventually swept downstream into a logjam when the rains finally returned. The stream bed was then dramatically faulted straight upwards into a vertical mountain. It is quite impressive to look at, especially once you realize you are looking at the bed of a river that is now rising straight up into the sky. The entire Green River Valley where we are camping, is famous for prehistoric fossils and the rich historical past it shares. The town of Vernal is dependent on summer tourism and a love of all that is dinosaur to sustain it and most of the motels were closed. We felt fortunate we were traveling in our very own RV.

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