The Return of River Cat

After another long day of travel, we pulled up to the Davis Dam Campground once again before the last leg of the journey home to Borrego Springs, California. It may be 104 degrees outside, but this evening we had a lovely stroll, walking along the banks of the Colorado River where common grackles swooped down on us in a display of absolute outrage that the river cat had returned! I don’t think many cats frequent the banks of the Colorado River, but the common grackles sure seem to understand that she is a predator and go after her mercilessly. They cackle and hiss and cluck and squeak their anger at a cat that is walking down below them.  We tried to ignore their onslaught for the most part, but when they got too close, I would  jump up high and throw my arms up in the air while hissing at them loudly. This would startle and annoy them greatly and they would rush back up to the trees to continue their verbal assault at a safer distance.  It was a fair enough game for both cat and grackle as long as I was there to even out the playing field. 

Grackles scolding Callie for having the audacity to be a river cat!

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