Callie’s Big Sister 

When we first rescued Callie in Redlands, California, our daughter was back home with us for a year working in a lab at LLU in Loma Linda. When I opened the front door, my husband, Lara and I all witnessed Callie race across our front yard and up to us meowing loudly and clearly in distress. While husband and daughter headed off to work, I was left with the cat and had to deal with figuring out what to do next. I ended up running to the store and got food and a litter box because it was obvious that she was here to stay. I have written about her adoption in other posts and today it is about Lara. She graduated with a PhD in physiology this weekend, and we all drove to Redlands to celebrate her success in the RV. Yay for Lara! Callie thinks of her as a litter mate… she loves Lara in a different way and is always excited to reunite with her. We had a fabulous weekend and will be returning to the middle of nowhere after lunch today!

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