A Cat Day Afternoon

It is warm and balmy today…. not hot and dry. I think you would call it a dog’s day afternoon! But since we are talking about a cat named  Callie, I shall call it a cat’s day afternoon instead! Air conditioning in this area is a luxery and wasteful because of the cost and how compromised this old house is. The windows aren’t double paned and the doors all have gaps in them. We are attempting to seal them up as much as possible because I have sand dunes forming inside the house whenever there is a sandstorm outside. The renovations of the house are a work in progress, and the next goal is to go solar.* That would be the sensible and responsible thing to do in the desert.  But for now, we are using the “swamp cooler!” The swamp cooler (now isn’t that a funky word) is a boxed contraption that sits on a window sill, and cools air by circulating water and air through a filter.  It is noisy and you have to make sure that the filters are clean and free of mildew and mold. You can’t run it when it is windy outside because it will blow desert sand all over your house. If Callie walks past it, she is almost lifted off of her feet and blown backwards from the blast of wind generating from it. She has learned to hesitate, duck down low, and run really fast with her ears pinned back, whenever she is forced to cross its path. We have it in the master bedroom window, and it is necessary to turn it off at night or we all freeze to death. There is no gage to set the temperature; just low, medium and high for the force of wind being generated by it. It also isn’t the best cooler to use when it is humid outside, because it cools by water, and needs hot, dry, outside air circulating through the filters in order to cool the air inside. If the outside air is already moist, it struggles to make any difference to the temperature inside the house. So today is a cat day afternoon, with the swamp cooler on high, and Callie, Michael and I on ~ lay -down ~low and easy!!!!

* I am getting a quote tomorrow for solar panels!

2 thoughts on “A Cat Day Afternoon

    • sevenfauesisters June 2, 2017 / 1:07 am

      Thank you…. she uses her charm for sure. I rescued her and if she wasn’t so cute, it would have made it much more difficult ✌️


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