I Kill You!

Callie has this very unique response when I play rough and tumble with her. She literally kicks herself in the head when she becomes over excited and wants to do major damage, but she can’t find it in herself to hurt me. I snap her tail and twirl her around in a circle and then chase her within an inch of her life, and the best she can counter it with; is a swift kick to her own head. She has plenty of attitude, but is too respectful of me to hurt me. 

When I first adopted her, she made the mistake of acting out a bit, and I let her know that it wasn’t acceptable. Apparently, Calicos are known for having “attitude” and I am glad I nipped her “attitude” in the bud. She has such a big personality and I am grateful it leans to the sweet side. The first time she growled and hunched over and gave me a look to kill, I chased her around the room until she surrendered. It is one thing to play rough, but another to act aggressively and with anger. I think she intimidated her first family and they were afraid of her. When I took her to the vet in Morro Bay for her cough, he let me know that her behavior was unusual. The vet in Julian also got a kick out of her. She huddles into a ball and is very compliant with all of her examinations. When I play rough and tumble with her, I too am respectful of her, and try to bring out the excitement of a near death experience, without damaging her ego! 

So last night we played rough and tumble because she had energy to burn, and because she is hopefully feeling better. I had to stop her short of hitting herself senseless though… Now what good would that do?:)

The photographs I took are action shots in poor  lighting… she was just too adorable though and I have to post them in spite of their poor quality.

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