A Glass Half Empty or Full

Being Bipolar means that I have to be very careful about over medicating myself. More was always interpreted as “better” in my teen years and on up until I hit menopause. Menopause was a breeze for me and for some reason, probably because my hormones are no longer raging, I am able to have a glass of wine at night for happy hour. Mind you, my glass is a good size glass; I don’t know how many ounces it is, but it is a good pour and I achieve just enough of a buzz to make the world a better place in which to live in. I am respectful of the privilege of being able to have some wine at the end of the day and try not to abuse it. Alcoholism is a sad place to exist in and with the support of Michael-who doesn’t drink very much, I am able to pull it off for the most part. 

Last night, Fred and Michael built a huge bonfire, and while they sat around roasting their hands and feet, I was able to sip a glass of Chardonnay and write about the days experience. Callie got in two walks, a bike ride and I have reintroduced her to some canned cat food for its moisture content. She was so wiped out and satiated from all the fun and excitement, good food and play, that she could hardly keep her head up and her eyes open at dusk. She was a little restless later in the night, but I have taught her to munch on her midnight snack right at the base of the upper loft. This way she doesn’t have to jump up and down from the bunk to eat. It is a win -win because I was never going to be able to train her to leave me alone at night and I was shoving her off the loft whenever she wanted a snack. She would land with a thud and eat from a bowl that had been placed right on the sofa, but it would wake me up too much and was hard on Callie too when she was shoved off the bed. I have talked about this habit of needing to nibble at night and I have finally met my match with Callie. She not only sleeps tucked in my arm pit- she also gets served kibble several times a night when she asks for it with a friendly bedside manner from me. I would call this a “glass half full” moment. Short of beating her and throwing her out of the room, her charm has won me over and she gets to snack during the night, and with my full, heartfelt blessing. I am not usually a pushover- but if you met Callie, you would know why I caved in.

Today we went on a walk and another bike ride and she had a little motion sicknesss because I had the clever idea of weaving back and forth on the trail in order to slow down my speed while heading downhill on a narrow bike path. I was having the time of my life until I glanced at her and she was just beginning to roll her eyes into the back of her head! The poor thing started to dry heave so I had to pull over and place her head outside of the basket just in case she threw up. After she dry heaved several times, we were good to go and I was able to get her home in one piece.

She is now queen of the loft and can rest the remainder of the day. We were going to pull out of camp and head to Convict Lake but discovered that it is Father’s Day weekend and everywhere is booked. We are going to actually stay put until Monday and I will be able to read and write and I can take photographs and just relax. I am delighted….

Happy Father’s Day! Michael has been a terrific father to our daughter and he has learned so much from her. Thank you Lara for making him a super dad…..Like Callie with me, Michael has met his match with a daughter like Lara. May the glass continue to feel half full and never, ever, half empty!

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