Rock Creek Lake

We left Convict Lake Monday morning and headed to Rock Creek Lake and Creek. We were able to park the RV in campsite #7 right across from the lake and it is an RV spot all to itself. The front of the RV is facing west and the lake is in front of us. What a beautiful view we have.

We biked along the lakeside trail this morning and it was a little bit challenging for me because if you fall, you will slide down into the lake which is about 10ft or more at times below a very narrow trail. We were able to go 2/3’s of the way around it and then had to turn around and go in the other direction because the trail is under water. Apparently, the place that we are parked in now with the RV had 25 ft of snow less on it than 2 months ago. There is so much water everywhere, that everyone is talking about it. The runoff once again is so forceful and loud, it sounds like an airplane overhead.

Michael is fishing and I took Callie on a walk part of the way, and had her ride in the backpack for awhile and then walk on her leash and harness. There are so many dogs hanging out with their fishermen owners, that it made me a little nervous to walk her, making Callie even a little bit more nervous, so we turned around and headed back to the RV.

While sitting with Michael as he fished, I watched an osprey attempting to escort a bald eagle away from the lake. The eagle was magnificent, but no match for the much smaller but agile, dive bombing and screaming in outrage, osprey. Michael and I saw it catch a fish earlier in the day and it flew straight up into the air, hesitated, then twisted and turned direction on a dime and plunged straight down into the cold, blue lake. It grasped a large trout in his or her talons and went completely under water for a second before popping back up with the fish wiggling helplessly as they both headed skyward. It was incredible to watch. The eagle had no choice but to leave because the osprey was so swift and outraged, it must have established this territory quite some time ago.

We are spending tonight and maybe tomorrow night depending on our propane and fresh water supply. Both say low to empty on the control panel, so we shall see. Michael claims there is more than enough for a couple of days. Charging up phones and computer takes the generator and the generator uses propane. Using the microwave is generator dependent too. The refrigerator can be used either propane or battery. We have done very well for two weeks of camping and are learning to dry camp efficiently.

When we got up the next morning, we decided to head home because Callie needs an X-ray due to her cough having returned. What an adventure we have had. Next time we head out, it may be to Canada!


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