Here We Go Again!

I had to take Callie to Dr Laporte in Poway today to have an X-ray taken. In spite of having the energy to climb her beloved olive trees, her cough returns after every dose of antibiotic has been finished. She does fine while she is on the antibiotic, but starts to cough about a week after she finishes the last dosage. It has been a frustrating and concerning illness that has lingered since early March. We were camping up in Mount Laguna when it first started so long ago.

I did the hour and a half drive to Poway this afternoon and she was examined, X-rayed and had a culture and sensitivity done so we can decide the next step moving forward. There was a spot on her left lung and Dr Laporte believes it has developed into bronchitis. We aren’t going to put her on another antibiotic until we know what we are up against. Her cough is back but we will keep her quiet, fed and well rested until the lab results are confirmed! Her other lab work came out normal.

On a good note, she met He Man when she visited the Poway practice! He Man had it out for Callie and wanted so much to get to know her better. She would have none of it though, and He Man had to be put in the Dr’s Office for safe keeping. Callie does not like cats. He couldn’t quite accept that. Poor Mr He Man! He is use to being the patient greeter and is usually accepted on his own terms. Callie wanted it her way, and she would have none of his He Man charms….

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