An Update on Callie 

Callie and I went to see Dr Laporte in Poway, on Wednesday afternoon, and after a culture and sensitivity, X- ray and examination, he sent us home without an antibiotic until the culture grows, so that he can determine what we are up against. 

It is now Saturday, and of course the 4th of July weekend, and the pharmacy is closed until Monday. Callie’s cough has turned into a wretched wheeze and she is worsening by the day. I had to drive over to the middle of the De Anza Golf Course to pick up a signal with the phone, and I called up the Poway office and told them I needed to get Callie on an antibiotic today. Michael has some Cipro at the house and after some discussion on my part, they did the research and determined that it would be ok to give it to her.

Michael, being a retired podiatrist, measured out the dosage after grinding up the pills, and we divided it up and put one dose in a small amount (1cc) of half and half and loaded up the syringe. Michael then went and got her and I wrapped her up in a towel and administered the medicine. Wow did we get a reaction! She lurched out of my arms and foamed at the mouth and attempted to run and hide under the bed. We had to drag her back out in full protest, to give her a little bit more because she had gagged some of it out. Poor little thing. It has been a rough road for her. She has been sick on and off since the beginning of March.

She is resting comfortably now, and we will know in 24 hours whether it is helping her. We only have until Monday, and then the culture should be able to be read. If she is showing improvement, we will keep her on the vile tasting Cipro. It is hard on the kidneys so you can only use this antibiotic sparingly. Thank goodness for the discovery of antibiotics. She would probably be dead by now if she wasn’t under medical care.

Callie is exhausted and sleeping in her favorite bed, and it is quiet out except for the roar of the swamp cooler that is blasting out cool air. At least she is safe and sound and well looked after here at the house. She can sleep uninterrupted for hours at a time and try to get well. I make sure to check on her without disturbing her often. I hope this does the trick. I give Callie credit for my attempts at writing and starting this blog. If it weren’t for her, I don’t think traveling around in the RV would be nearly as much fun…….

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