Callie’s Spa of Beauty

When my daughter Lara comes to visit, Callie always takes it upon herself to give Lara a facial! Lara will rake her fingernails through Callie’s beautiful, calico coat, and Callie will lick Lara’s forehead with her rough, textured, tongue. It is a mutually agreed upon ritual that makes me laugh to this day. She has always done this with Lara. She takes one look at Lara and believes that in her heart of hearts, Lara needs a good grooming!  When we first adopted Callie as a stray, her feelings toward Lara has always been one of-she being the baby sibling, and Lara- the older sibling. Here are two sisters that really get along well together. The only problem that I can  see, is that when we drive through town to visit Lara in the RV on our way up north, Callie will hide under the sofa in the RV if Lara drops by to say hello. She will not come out from under the sofa! Callie’s Spa of Beauty, free facial, can only be applied to Lara visiting her at her house. Otherwise we think Callie firmly believes that Lara is going to babysit her while Michael and I take off and travel without her. Callie prefers heading out in the RV, to staying behind with Lara. She may love Lara, but she definitely makes it clear she doesn’t want to be left behind on a travelswithcallie, road trip, adventure!

Lara is visiting for the 4th of July weekend and will be staying here for 3 days. By the time she leaves, Callie will have exfoliated all the skin off of Lara’s face with her customized version of a facial~and Lara will glow from all the specialized attention that Callie will give her!

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