Time for your Medicine

Poor Callie, she is not enjoying taking her antibiotic, and I have to wrap her up tightly in a towel and when squirting it down her throat, I must make sure she swallows it all before letting her go. The first time we gave her the Cipro, she leaped out of my arms and salivated and foamed at the mouth and then promptly threw it up so that I had to do it over again!

I have to be sneaky now too,  if she spots the towel, she takes off at a run and tries to hide under the bed. So before I draw the syringe, I have to make sure the bedroom doors are shut or I won’t be able to retrieve her.

This has been going on since March, so you can only imagine how frustrating it is for her. The cough improves when she is on the antibiotic, and then it returns a couple weeks later. Our big fear is that she inhaled some vomit and has a foreign body in her lungs. She has always had a delicate tummy and has done more up chucking than any other cat I have ever raised.  

Thank goodness Lara is here to pass out some comfort after she has taken her medication, and with soothing words and a gentle stroke, Lara will make everything all better!

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