The Return of the Rascally Roadrunner

Have you ever listened to the call of the roadrunner? It almost sounds like a toy machine gun slowed way down to a tat-tat-tat, and is very different to any other bird call that I have heard. The rascally roadrunner loves my water fountain and comes rushing through the backyard in search of bugs and snakes. He has so much attitude and appears to own the place because if I leave the screen door open, he marches right in and demands we take notice of his presence.

He is difficult to photograph though and becomes alarmed when I aim the phone/camera at him, taking off at a zig zag run as soon as I do. He can fly short distances and has quite a wing span, but prefers running, and is very fast.

When Callie hears the tat-tat-tat, she looks around with concern and only seems to want to figure out where he is for her own safety. I doubt seriously if he is afraid of Callie at all. He makes his rounds, grabs a quick drink of water and then heads back out to the desert zipping right and left and sometimes his legs really do appear to spin just like in the cartoon. What characters they are! 

Callie is napping today in the front bedroom Lara vacated and is unaware that Lara has left. It is cloudy and very humid out and the monsoon season appears to have come. Thunder and lightning  storms are expected for the weekend.

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