2 Mice are Better than 1

Callie has had an ongoing cough since early March. She is currently on her 4th dose of antibiotics and it seems that whenever she is finished, she relapses. When she is on the antibiotic, she feels better right away and the culture and sensitivity test showed she has 3 bacteria in her chest. We are pretty sure she aspirated something and eventually it will wall itself off and she will get well.

This morning Callie was feeling friskier than I have seen her in months. She raced around the house itching for trouble. I wacked  her with a feather wand and when she spotted her two mice that are filled with catnip! She thoroughly enjoyed trying to disembowl them and take their heads off. They didn’t have a chance, and all the catnip was spread out over the floor. It was a good job done and now she can rest for awhile.

Wednesday we are loading up the RV and heading back to Morro Bay. It is just too hot here in Borrego Springs and we need to escape. I feel so sorry for the plants and animals that have to endure such hostile conditions.

After she played with the mice!

2 thoughts on “2 Mice are Better than 1

  1. Espirational July 10, 2017 / 7:25 pm

    Hope Callie finally gets over what is causing the cough. She is a real cutie. I have a Callie at home too.

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