Beautiful Morro Bay

We arrived in Morro Bay yesterday around 4:30 to a 40 degree temperature difference! Can you believe it? We are in a state of shock and are feeling rejuvenated and tremendously grateful. The drive from Redlands takes about 6 hours and Callie hung out on the dash most of the way watching the world whiz by at 60 mph. She is still coughing periodically, but I didn’t have the heart to give her her antibiotics last night, opting instead to give her a much needed brushing, compliments Michael and dinner served in bed. She needed the rest. I will have to give her a full dose tonight. She loves it here, as do we!

Michael and I biked over to the rock when we first arrived, marveling at the moisture and coolness and then had happy hour and made a lovely dinner of fresh salmon and salad. I prepared the salmon with a George Foreman Grill and highly recommend it for traveling. It is portable and can be used inside the RV. After dinner, I fell into bed exhausted and happy. We all slept like rocks!!!!

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