Paradise Found

Today started out with a heavy drizzle and dense marine layer. Later in the afternoon, the sun peaked out and dazzled the waves with dapppled light that sparkled and glittered when the waves made contact with the shoreline. Michael and I did a 3 hour bike ride and once again we sat at our spot north of Morro Strand Beach. There are a series of benches dedicated to loved ones that have passed on, where you can sit and watch the pelicans go by~ 24 at a time. It was also warm enough for people to sun bathe on the sandy shore. Yesterday it was too cold!

Callie spent a quiet day in the RV but asked to go on a short walk so that she could find a place to sharpen her claws. She seems tired and weak but delighted to be out in the sunshine, so I let her hang out on our personal picnic table to  soak in the heat!

Biking in Morro Bay is a blast. It is a little difficult navigating the cars when you are biking in town, but once you get to the rock and head north, there is a lovely off road trail that meanders through and around Morro Bay High School. After the high school, you pass neighborhoods that border the protected sand dunes. It is really quite extraordinary and because of the mild climate, so much fun! 

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