The Crow and the Mockingbird

When Michael and I were staying here at Cypress RV Park in April, I watched a man across the street feeding a crow and a seagull. The crow would land on the telephone wire and the seagull chose the post. They would compete for the bread scraps that the man would either throw up in the air or place on top of the fence. They would patiently wait for the man to show up and then would spring into action when he came out of his front door.

We are in a slightly different spot this time, but I looked out and watched the raven being harassed by a pair of mockingbirds. They swooped up and down on the raven’s head, barely missing him as they hissed and screeched loudly. While I was taking photographs of the scene unfolding, the man came out and we talked about the crow. He no longer fed the pair because neighbors complained about all the bird shit piling up on the street and on the cars below. The seagull had given up weeks ago, but the crow held out hope. As I watched, the mockingbirds made the wait a miserable one for him, so he eventually had to fly away in despair.

The latest scientific study, only recently published, confirms that crows are very intelligent and can think and plan ahead for the future. This crow still believes there is a possibility that in the future, the man will change his mind and offer up a slice of bread. He hadn’t foreseen that the mockingbirds would complicate his plans though….

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