A Stop First at Medicine Shoppe

Nothing but the best for Callie… we had the antibiotic compounded with a chicken flavored suspension so that she would be able to handle taking her medicine with a little less trauma. The steroid is applied as a cream to the inside of the ear and the antibiotic is flavored with a chicken broth. It isn't perfect, but she managed to swallow it without gagging too much. 14 days of being on an antibiotic and 30 days with the steroid. I sure hope that this does the trick. We at least know what we are up against…. chronic bronchitis is exactly what Michael has to deal with, so it is familiar and it should be able to be controlled at this point.

We pulled out of Los Osos and The Medicine Shoppe at 12:30 and arrived at the Santa Rosa Fairgrounds at 7…. we made a quick dinner of leftover fish from the fish market in Morro Bay, rice and a salad and I am ready for bed. Callie got her own serving of fresh, raw salmon and she loved it. She is tucked into bed already and I will be joining her shortly. Michael did all of the driving, but I was the navigator and for some reason, I am really tired. Tomorrow we are going to try and get to the redwoods. It will be about a 5.5 hour drive.

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