Through the Looking Glass

When we had our windshield replaced in Coos Bay, we were told that we couldn't stay in the RV and that it would take about 3.5 hours to finish the job. I was concerned about Callie and we told them so, and Area Glass said they would keep a close eye on her while they worked. I was skeptical but didn't have much choice, so we locked her up in the back bathroom and I went off to do laundry and Michael used their internet service in the office.

When I was finished with laundry at a local laundry mat, I came back and Michael and I took Callie out for a walk and then we had to leave again for a little over an hour while they fit the windshield and sealed it into place. We locked Callie back up in the closet/bathroom and this time when we headed out for lunch, I wasn't as concerned because it had all gone so well the first half of the job. But when we returned the second time, the workers joked that Callie was an escape artist and that they had to tie her to the sink with the leash because while they were working away, one of the guys looked up and Callie was sitting on the front seat grooming herself with no windshield in the frame. They quickly guided her to the back and tied her up with relief. She got out of the harness a second time and again was sitting on the front seat when they were ready to put the windshield back in its place. This time they attempted to lock her back up in the bathroom. I didn't believe them when they told me about it and so left again while the adhesive was drying which took one more hour to set!

When we came back the third time, I opened up the door to the RV and immediately noticed the empty leash and harness dangling from the bathroom sink. I panicked and called for her and she responded right away with a soft meow. She had climbed up into the loft and took a nice long nap while the men worked.

I went back in to tell them that I had thought that they were kidding me, and they said that they weren't. She really did get out twice, only to place herself primly on the front seat and groom herself when they weren't around. Nor was there a windshield put back in place at the time. I am so fortunate that Callie views the RV as home now, and didn't freak out with all of the construction going on AND didn't think to test whether there was a looking glass to go through or not!

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