Callie the Cat Ambassador of Goodwill

I have noticed that wherever we go, whenever I take Callie out for a walk, she makes friends wherever we go. If people see her on the dash of the RV when we are fueling up, I can hear them talk about a cat on the dash, laughing with delight and amazement. When we are out walking, she draws a crowd of people interested to know how I taught her to walk on a leash. Children can’t help themselves and need to run over to pet her glossy, soft coat, always asking first if it is OK? Callie takes it all in stride and will hunker down and stay still while she is being admired.

Today was no different. A lovely young family from Holland couldn’t resist sitting down with us and sharing their story as they petted Callie. The dad works for IKEA and is concerned about Amazon taking over, and when the second child was born, they gave up their cat because it acted out by pooping and peeing all over the place. Both boys love cats and because of Callie, they are going to adopt another kitten when they return from their holiday.

Callie is an ambassador of goodwill for all cat lovers out there. As soon as they pet her and see how well she does on a leash, they want to try it out for themselves! As far as I am concerned, being the dog lover that I am… Callie has far surpassed my wildest hopes for having a good traveling companion while going on this road trip with Michael.

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