Big Pine Creek Campground

After leaving beautiful Yosemite, we decided to head up to Big Pine Creek Campground for one more night before descending into the valley and its oppressive heat to help move our daughter move out of her apartment. Big Pine Creek Campground is located in the Inyo National Forest Wilderness Area right outside Bishop, California.

Carol and Brad Dial, the host couple for the campground, helped us find a spacious site #4, which has a fantastic view east toward the town of Big Pine. As we were talking, I happened to glance back to see Callie making a beeline for some cabins off the road. We had left both windows open, so she took the opportunity to go sightseeing. As I ran back to the RV, she quickly turned around and returned, meowing submissively! Freedom only tastes as good until the reality of the situation makes it less fun. I wish she could run free, but she just can’t. There are too many dangers out there and she is basically, oblivious. There is a family of mike deer, 3 does and a buck with 4 fawns that graze right in front of the RV. Bow and arrow season is upon us and it is so difficult to envision these lovely creatures being shot in the heart at the hands of hunters. I just don’t get the thrill they obviously feel killing one. I understand the desire to hunt for fresh game meat, I just don’t get it myself.

We had a campfire’ party last night, with Carol and Brad bringing tacos and we provided rum and cokes and beer. Pam and her dog, Bailey, who camped next to us, joined the party as it started to unfold soon after, and another camper from Australia, Chun, who works for Erikson’s, and is an engineer, also joined us. His family emigrated to Australia from Hong Kong and we shared stores about our lives over a roaring fire. Brad is a gifted storyteller and Native American who kept us doubled over with laughter over cat stories. He has published a few short stories, The Falcon Prince- a Sci-fi fantasy, a short story that I want my daughter to take a look at some time.

This campground has lovely Digger Pines that are very mature and Black Squirrels that eat the young green cones. The older ones are gigantic and if one of them hit you in the head, I bet it would knock you senseless,

Callie and I are enjoying a quiet morning filled with sunshine and the roar of the creek filling my ears with the sound of water tumbling down the ravine. We will be sure to come back here again someday. The bathrooms are immaculate and the grounds are lovely. The campsites either have views or are by the creek. The roads could use new paving but you can’t have everything.

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