The Move has Begun!

Well, I told you I would be taking a break from blogging while I helped my daughter move. But life is just so interesting now, and it is so much fun to record my experiences, that I have changed my mind. We are staying at the Mission RV Park in Redlands, California and finishing up one leg of the journey toward home-which is Anza Borrego Desert State Park and Borrego Springs. There is a record-breaking heat wave affecting most of California, and it will hit a high of 114 today- a great day to move. Just kidding- it will be hell but better than the people in Houston, Texas. Sending positive thoughts to the people, wildlife, and pets that are suffering during this epic hurricane and flooding. Maybe this will be a wake-up call to climate change deniers! On a positive note, I am so excited that our daughter will be living with us again for a short while. Callie loves the idea too! She has missed her big sister. We are renting a 10 ft truck and I will get to drive the RV back home. Thank goodness it is so easy to maneuver.

Part 2

We had a blow out right outside Cathedral City- near Palm Desert. The inner left- back tire this time. I must say that the RV handled well and that we are now having a new tire put on. It could have been so much worse. It blew with an explosion though and Lara was driving right behind me and had to dodge the debris as it flew by! She actually ran over some of it and dodged others. Our daughter laughed that this is still better than lab work! It is 115 out and we are melting but otherwise just fine. It makes for good blog posts as far as I am concerned!

Made it home safely to a high of 121 degrees and neither of our air conditioners is working. We have a swamp cooler but it is still 98 degrees inside the house. I wet Callie down with a washcloth and we jumped into the pool to try and cool off. Nothing like living in the desert. It is beautiful out though, in a harsh kind of way.

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