Santa Cruz Harbor

We started this road trip in our 24ft Icon Class C RV, a little over a week ago with our daughter as a welcoming new edition to our travels with Callie adventure. Our first few nights were spent in Morro Bay, then on to Cayucos, next, San Simeon Beach, and we are now nestled into the upper harbor in Santa Cruz, California. This RV park has only room for 12 RV’s and we are in slot number 1.there is full hookups so I am pleased to have the luxury of electricity, with running water again. In my humble opinion, we have the best spot available too, because we are parked sideways and parallel to the street, and our dining area window is overlooking the marina.

We had a lovely drive up 101 North and dropped into Monterey for a quick bite to eat at the SandBar Restaurant on the wharf for lunch. Michael and I have been going to this darling restaurant for many years and are quite attached to the place. We always have a good experience and the food is delicious and the view to die for. We wanted to show the place off to Lara and we weren’t disappointed. Miraculously, we didn’t have a wait and were able to sit at a table right away on a Saturday afternoon- unbelievable!

We always share calamari, clam chowder, and a Caesar salad, but because the halibut was fresh and recommended by our waiter- we split that too. Fresh sourdough bread is always served with butter and has the perfect crunch on the crust and chewy inside that makes this bread so delicious. The SandBar overlooks the wharf and anchovies were flashing their silver undersides and seemed comfortably protected from most predators, while 2 sea otters basked on their backs and groomed themselves right outside the window. They were so relaxed that boats had to go around them instead of the other way around. For dessert, our waiter surprised us with a complimentary serving of fresh strawberry shortcake to welcome us back. He has served us in the past and we remembered him too. How sweet is that? What a feast! We were stuffed when we waddled back to the RV.

We made it to Santa Cruz around 5:00 and ended up going for an evening walk along the Marina and watched sailing vessels come and go and all the people were milling around in 75-degree weather in shorts and t-shirts. It was a beautiful evening, warm and slightly breezy and made for a perfect first night. For dinner, we finished off leftovers in the RV and had ice cream with chocolate sauce for dessert. I do believe we were just a little piggy, but hopefully, all the walking we are doing will balance it out.

Callie loves traveling and immediately hops on the dash when the engine starts up. She loves being copilot and takes her job very seriously. Back in the RV, the sleeping arrangements have been modified and Callie’s determination to sleep with Lara has proved fruitful. Her persistence has paid off and because she has overcome her aversion to the plushy blanket, she has wheedled her way onto Lara’s bed. Lara has given up too, so it is a mutually agreed upon change of plans. I was wondering how long it was going to take! Callie gets to sleep with Lara now! Too funny…

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