Today is Sunday and a day of rest and relaxation. Santa Cruz Upper Harbor is quiet except for the clank of rigging on the boat masts and the laughter of seagulls. People are out walking their dogs and biking, jogging and otherwise enjoying the outdoors. It is a lovely day filled with sunshine and the weather is warm. We walked over to Aldo’s for brunch and have been hanging out in the RV ever since.

Callie went out on an early morning walk and was praised for her ability to walk on a leash and to behave in much the same manner as a small dog. There are dogs being walked everywhere and I am on the constant lookout for any dog that appears aggressive toward her. Most of them cannot believe their eyes and ears, while others would like nothing better than to give her a good shake for daring to walk among them. She will hang over my hip and go limp if I need to make a quick exit though and I sure hope the day never comes where an owner loses control. I pity the poor dog who attempts to hurt Callie- mark my words.

So today is a lazy kind of day and for Callie- why she has been positively catatonic! She loves to sleep up on the top bunk during the afternoon to get away from all the activity and today she was so sound asleep and close to the edge, that she almost fell off of the loft. While passed out, she was so out of it that she forgot to close her eyes! It is warmer up high and because the bedding is wadded up close to the edge, she was forced to sleep close to the edge herself. We all looked up as we heard her clawing and scrambling her way to safety and it made us laugh indeed. There isn’t a day that goes by that she doesn’t get into some kind of trouble. Such is the life of a cat on the road.

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