Seabright State Beach

I usually post only 1 time per campsite, but Santa Cruz is just too spectacular and I feel compelled to write more about it. Now grant it, the weather is gorgeous and the sun is out and it is warm. I suppose if it were cold and rainy, I would have an entirely different opinion, but we have had a really good time here at the Upper Harbor RV Park.

Having only 12 spots in which to park the RV adds to the overall charm and the entire marina is clean and well taken care of. My only complaint would be that restrooms are for the boat dock owners only, and that bothers me. There are very few public restrooms and for some reason that just seems wrong! I get it that boat owners pay for their slips and that entitles them to private usage, I also feel that the public has a right to use a restroom too! There are a couple over by the restaurants, but I don’t believe there are enough.

We went on another lovely, evening walk and checked out the amusement park that borders the ocean and the San Lorenzo River. The night was warm and balmy and perfect for an evening stroll while taking photographs. The lighting was soft and diffused and the sunset colors deepened into shades of orange, rose pink and purple. The Walton lighthouse is still being used and the walk out to the point was spectacular. There were a lot of people out and about with campfires burning bright and the smell of weed permeated the air. This is a college town and there are a lot of young people, but they were well behaved and considerate. There was no public drunkenness and I was impressed with how proud everyone seems to be of their city. I would be too if I lived here!

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