Monterey Fairgrounds RV Park

Yesterday afternoon we left beautiful Santa Cruz Upper Harbor for Monterey, California. We are parked at the county fairgrounds and are facing a golf course with horse stables behind us. Military jets are flying low overhead in the sky, and information and are frighteningly loud. The whole area shakes and the RV rumbles. Campers have raced to the tops of their RV’s to film the procession with their iPads and iPhones. My daughter watched while inside the RV as a fighter jet roared passed us. She could see the silver underside of the jet as it flashed by incredibly close. The RV shook and rattled as Callie crouched down low in fear and alarm and she looked at me with eyes wide open!

Warning- I am about to rant and rage against President Trump. If any of my readers are offended by anti- Trump rhetoric, I would suggest you not continue reading. I try not to interject my political views very often, but in this case, and with war drums beating, I feel no choice but to vent.

What a show of force and power to watch the fighter jets coming and going! It is really something to witness the incredible speed of these pilots that have gone through rigorous training and are now showing off their skills by flying overhead. And the fighter jets are extraordinarily sleek and streamlined and look so powerful and dangerous. But with Trump thumping his chest and ranting about “Rocket Man” and Kim Jong Un returning insults that Trump is a demented old man, how did we get to this place? The thought of another nuclear bomb going off, or another WWIII starting up, fills me with dread and foreboding.

I am of the opinion that the Russian investigation is heating up and that Trump would like nothing more than to confuse and distract the attention away from HIM and on to other things. Like the NFL players just as an example that is kneeling during the anthem. Our first amendment rights protect exactly that! The right to protest peacefully about something that you believe is wrong. Racism is prevalent in this country and the backlash after President Obama held office for 8 years has been ripe with the hate and anger that has festered during his 2 terms. I am appalled and disgusted, to say the least with the people that voted Trump into the Whitehouse and with Trump himself. He is a sick egomaniac bent on doing as much damage as possible to Obama’s legacy. Or worse, he is intent on starting another war, even though he himself had been excused from serving at least 4 times due to heel spurs.

So I have mixed emotions about being parked next to a military fly zone. I am in awe of the sinister beauty of these airplanes but sickened to think that humanity has evolved this far, only to have two such sick and obnoxious leaders as Trump and Kim Jong Un in power at the same time. They should be locked up together and forced to duel it out on their own. Why drag the rest of us into their petty show of mean-spirited and cruel force of wills? I feel like Trump is tying his horse to a fence. You never want to tie your horse up to an unstable barrier. If a horse spooks, it will destroy the fence and possibly injure itself and have to be put down.

Callie, on the other hand, is enjoying herself and hanging out on the dash. She was able to walk around the oak trees and horse stables and to pretend that she was a barn cat for a bit. Having shown horses in the past, it is wonderful to be in the vicinity of jockey quarters, show rings and stables. I can almost hear the whinny of my deceased, beautiful, chestnut, Arabian- Champagnne Flight, as he searched for me and I for him at the Del Mar Fairgrounds. Time is flying by so fast. Here I am with a grown-up daughter who use to show this horse as an 8-year-old and a husband who is now retired, and we are now traveling around the country in our 24ft RV. It almost makes you feel old and wise. I wish I had an answer for the United States/ North Korea dilemma though. Now that would make me feel wise indeed!

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