Good Morning California Quail

Callie and I woke up to a covey of quail clicking and squeaking their delight about some kind of food made available from our next door neighbor. I don’t think anything was deliberately left out, but they found something that struck their fancy. I counted at least 20 birds pecking away right below the driver’s seat. Callie had a front row view and contributed to the overall mayhem by making little squeaky sounds of the delight of her own.

We are going to attempt to drive up to Eureka and check out the redwoods in spite of the unhealthy air quality. We are being besieged by fires all up and down the California coast and Callie has started to cough again. There are at least 17 fires burning this morning. They were somewhat contained on Tuesday, but dry winds have picked up again and fanned the flames. The smoke and ash are everywhere. I feel so sorry for California and the people and animals affected by this tragedy. I must admit that the coastal trees and grasslands look dry and unhealthy. Perfect conditions for wildfires.

For now, enjoying the quail below the window will have to do. These birds look healthy and happy and are relishing a lovely morning before all the campers wake up.

3 thoughts on “Good Morning California Quail

    • sevenfauesisters October 12, 2017 / 1:18 pm

      That she is…. I am so pleased with what a good traveling companion she is!❤️😍


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