A State of Bliss

In the winter, Callie sleeps inside her Kong bed and curls up into a little ball, but in the summer when it is warm, she flattens the roof down and sleeps on top of her smashed bed. At first, I would get upset with her and when she wasn’t looking, I would push the roof back up and straighten it out. She has a mind of her own though and will stomp on the roof all over again. I have since given up trying to convince her that it is better for her to sleep in the house/bed. I placed the bed way up high on the TV hutch about a year ago, and the first day she discovered it, it was love at first sight.

Callie is finally finished with a 7-day course of antibiotic and steroid cream to combat acute bronchitis that she developed when we were camping in a smokey area of Northern California. The Santa Rosa fires had been burning and smoke was everywhere. We spent one night at Salt Point north of Bodega Bay but were forced to leave because the smoke was so dense. She started coughing soon after that.

Today is the third day she hasn’t coughed and I think she has finally gotten well and is totally blissed out. Coughing takes it out of her, and she hasn’t really been able to sleep deeply until today. I can hear her snoring and wanted to videotape her, but felt that it might be just a little over the top and that she would view it as an invasion of her privacy. I don’t think she would object to still shots though!

So happy for modern medicine and that Callie is finally feeling better again because in a few days we are going to plan on another short RV trip.

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