A Game of Cat and Mouse

Since Callie cannot play outside by herself unattended, she needs to be played with at the end of the day or my night will be miserable. She already requires permission to eat 2 times a night, and if she has insomnia to boot, I won’t get much sleep.

Now you might be wondering why Callie needs permission to eat at night? I can only respond with, I just don’t know. I didn’t raise her as a kitten, so maybe it was something that happened to her in the past, but I swear I have done everything I can, from kicking her off the bed to spraying her with water, and the worst of all GASP, was locking her out of the bedroom at night! She sobbed over that form of discipline for hours, while she peered under the door jam in an attempt to see if I was coming back to rescue her and apologize! I could see two little white paws reaching under the door while trying to open it as she meowed loudly. I also threw her out of the house one night, only to find her huddled by the back door and looking absolutely pitiable. All of this, of course, would make sleep impossible. So throughout the years, it has been 7 now, I have become much more relaxed, and Callie has become much more, manipulatively charming.

Every night around 2 am, she makes sure to jump on the side of the bed while missing a toehold, just enough, so that she has to scramble up with her claws in order to make a lot of noise. Once she is on the bed, she shakes herself off and with a soft meow of hello, clamors over Michael to get to me. Once she gets to my side, she plops down and starts to purr and then cuddles up next to my chest. I then have to pet her for a few minutes while she stares at her food that has been placed on the floor next to the bed. Now why she comes up on the bed in order to eat food that is on the floor by the bed is beyond me! Once she has decided that she has had enough petting, she jumps back to the floor and starts to eat with relish. I feed her Science Diet Oral Care and the kibbles are the size of jawbreakers, so you can only imagine the noise she makes will eating! And to think that I actually use to walk all the way out to the kitchen to feed her before Michael came up with the brilliant idea of feeding her in the bedroom at night. Those days are behind us now, so all I have to do is pet her for awhile before she can eat. I know it sounds ridiculous, but you don’t know Callie.

So to get back to playtime at night. One of her favorite toys is a whip-like device with feathers at the end of it, that I tap her with and have her try to catch the feathers with her front paws. Little bits of feathers are scattered all over the place while we are playing, and when she gets really worked up- she kicks herself in the head with her back feet! Does anyone else have a cat that literally kicks them self when they get overly excited? When this happens, I have to tone it down because she has injured herself in the past. One day our daughter visited and when Callie turned her head, Lara gasped at the deep scratches that were clawed down her throat. It looked like she had been in a serious cat fight. When I told Lara they were self-inflicted- she told me not to let Callie do that to herself anymore. So now we stop playtime when she starts kicking herself in the head!

Her next favorite toy is the catnip mouse. She grooms it while licking and kicking it to death before eventually falling asleep with the stuffed mouse held tightly in a loving embrace. If I give her enough attention at the end of the day, Callie in return falls asleep like the little angel that she is, in spite of waking me up several times a night in order to receive permission to eat. I just haven’t managed to break her of that habit, because the joy and appreciation she expresses while eating at night, is worth the bother of being woken up. At least I’m not breastfeeding a baby anymore. Those days are behind me, so now I can act like the indulgent grandmother that I have become.

4 thoughts on “A Game of Cat and Mouse

  1. curioussteph October 31, 2017 / 8:58 pm

    Oh, how I connect with this. Callie and Lucy have habits in common. Lucy’s variant is needing a lift to the sink to drink, and then being stroked while she drinks. No matter that there is also water next to her kibble in the bedroom, and that she can still get up on the counter to drink some of the time. She wants her attendant. Heres the link to when I posted about it, if you’re so inclined: https://curioussteph.com/2017/09/05/elevate/

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    • sevenfauesisters October 31, 2017 / 11:04 pm

      Your story about Lucy was adorable. I love that she now yells for you to come pick her up. Haven’t they changed your life? I was such a disciplinarian when I raised my jack Russel terrier. I don’t have a chance with this cat though. She rules he household with skill and charm!

      Liked by 1 person

      • curioussteph October 31, 2017 / 11:12 pm

        Oh yeah, any illusions of power a rapidly quashed if you live with cats. In their great age, Jules and Lucy alternate between being sweet and loving and irascible and demanding. Quite the combination!

        Liked by 1 person

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