Miss Adelaide

I am always writing about Miss Callie, but every once in awhile I will refer to my deceased Jack Russel Terrier, that passed away just months before Callie came knocking on my door. I was still grieving and in no way ready to adopt a cat for God’s sake, when Callie came scrambling up to my front porch, very frightened and lost! She had other ideas though and clearly adopted me as much as I reluctantly adopted her. I have told the story of reluctantly deciding to adopt her several times and won’t get into it again but thought I would instead show off an acrylic on canvas, the self portrait I did of Adelaide and me years ago.

She was an incredible dog. Really funny looking, but brave to the point of fearless and spoiled, rotten, crazy beyond words. I always joked that if her legs were any shorter, she would be upside down. If Addy gained too much weight, she looked like a little pig and was addicted to chasing tennis balls. If you got tired of throwing a ball for her, she would soak it in water before dropping it in your lap. That always got an immediate reaction out of you!

When Addy became an only child after our beautiful and regal white shepherd Coya, was put down at the age of 12, Addy never even grieved for her. Coya was always protecting Addy and she really should have been missed. But Jack Russel Terriers are extremely narcissistic and the thought never crossed her mind.

One time, Addy was carried off unceremoniously by a coyote and the coyote had her by the throat but lived to tell the tale. I heard her screaming for backup and the white shepherd and I both dashed outside to come to her rescue.The coyote let her go at the sight of both of us bearing down on it, only to have Addie go right back after the coyote in outrage. Fortunately, the coyote had had enough and took off running with my shepherd running after it.

So Addie was the love of my life and we did everything together. When she died, I never, ever thought another pet would take her place! Well, Callie has managed to do just that, and she has become one of my all-time favorite pet companions. When she first arrived, I told her that if I was going to adopt her, she would have to try really hard to act like a dog, because I wasn’t thrilled about having a cat. Callie heeded the warning though and walks on a leash, rides on the dash of the RV, as well as a basket on my bike. You can’t ask for more than that from a cat. Everywhere we go, I get the same response from people. “Is that a cat on a leash?” and “How did you teach that cat to walk on a leash!”

And even though I have said my goodbyes to Miss Adelaide. I didn’t have much time to miss her because Callie wouldn’t have allowed for it. From day one, Callie has stolen the show, as well as my heart.

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