Stages of a Sunset

On Christmas evening, and after a lovely meal served by the City of Monterey Food Bank, Michael, Fred and I biked over to Monterey State Beach to watch the sunset tuck itself in for the night. It took some negotiating to find a spot where we could all sit and not have a building in the way, but once we did, we settled down and enjoyed a quiet moment.

There were not that many people at the beach, but the few that were, had plump little dogs panting after them and enjoying some free time out on the sand. The waves rolled in on a direct trajectory and would crash all at once in a long line that covered the entire stretch of the beach. A large flock of what looked like plovers wheeled and spun right over the water and reminded me of a swarm of flies. They flew in unison and would all land at once for just a second before flying off again.

The sunset was not colorful, but rather filled with silver and gray and unfolded softly. Heading back on our bikes in the fading light, and with me, all dressed in black, was a little unnerving, but we managed to get back to the fairgrounds in one piece.

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