A Full Day of Travel

Yesterday morning we headed to Las Vegas. We packed up the RV with big raindrops plopping down hard on the roof and the thirsty ground, as gusts of wind billowed the clouds up above. The scent of creosote suddenly filled the air and there was a sense of delight and relief in the desert. The plants and animals that call Anza-Borrego Desert State Park their home were parched from the dry spell. It was the longest-running dry spell in California since records have been kept. Rain in the desert is a relief, whereas mudslides in Montecito after the Thomas Fire, were a tragedy.

As soon as the RV starts up, Callie jumps onto the dash to be a dash-cam cat and we are good to go. It was a full day of travel with clouds forming and blowing into mist and snow falling on the mountains. To see the mountains dusted with snow was a welcoming sight. The sunset was really dramatic as we wearily pulled into Vegas, and Callie was tired from keeping her post on the dash for 7 hours. We had one detour at Route 66 that slowed our progress down, but we finally made it as the sun was setting in shades of purple and a flash of deep gold, orange, and burgundy.

We are staying at the Oasis RV Park and it is an assembly line of big rigs and gigantic RV’s. Twinkling lights were wrapped around the palm trees in the entranceway and everything was orderly and well executed. We are staying for 3 nights and our daughter Lara will be joining us as we head toward Mesquite and possibly Zion, weather permitting.*

* with the government shutdown, we may have to come up with an alternative plan…

Lights out for Callie!

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