Zion in the Winter

We weren’t sure that Zion would be open due to the government shutdown, but we were in luck and there was a resolution for us just in the knick of time! Visiting Zion in the winter, and having the mild weather to boot has been extraordinary. There were no crowds whatsoever and the trails were virtually empty. 4.5 million people visited Zion last year and you can only get into the park by shuttle during high season. Because it is winter, we were able to drive in by personal car.

Michael, Lara and I hiked to Weeping Rock and took the gorgeous trail along the Virgin River called Hidden Valley Trail. We actually were able to have a picnic outdoors along the river in the middle of January. It was a marvelous day for photography in spite of there not being any clouds in the sky, and I was able to for the first time practice using my new lenses that attach to my iPhone 7 plus camera. Michael bought me the lens and case combination as a Christmas present!

We are staying at the Zion River Resort RV Park & Campground and I give it high ratings. It is conveniently located for day excursions into Zion. The showers are particularly nice with plenty of hot water and a timer set for 7 minutes due to water conservation. It was more than enough time and a friendly beep sounded when your minutes were almost up. We have taken a hot jacuzzi every night after hiking and it soothes the aching joints of middle age.

Today we are going to take the 2-hour drive one way to Bryce.

I will also discuss in more detail the lenses I use on the iPhone 7 Plus. PHOLES makes an awesome 6 lens mount that comes with a sturdy case that is compact and rugged. It has a fisheye, tele macro and wide angle lens. I am much too impatient to drag my Nikon D70s on RV trips and I am also worried about getting broken into. These little lenses do the job for my blog posts. I do not profess to be an awesome photographer, but I will take credit for trying while cheating with my iPhone’s convenience and compact size!

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