Make your Bed

As most cat owners know and understand, and reluctantly accept, is that cats make their own bed decisions. A box is preferred over most fluffy pillow purchases and you won’t be able to make a cat sleep where it doesn’t want to.

In Callie’s case, she has discovered Lara’s stereo. It has become a favorite place in which to rest her chilled bones because it gives off heat! I placed my hand on it and was surprised at how hot it was. With the weather having turned cold, ( in the low 60’s with a low of 45 at night) for all of you bracing the snow and ice conditions of the Midwest, you must think we are crazy, but to Callie, this is cold. When we went to Zion in Utah, a little less than a month ago, she froze and Utah was experiencing a warm spell!

We leave the stereo on now so that she has a place to rest during the night, and she loves it. A winter storm has blown across the desert this week, but there will be another warming trend starting in a couple of days.

So for now, Callie has made her bed, and will sleep on it too!

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